Frquently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions. If you have a specific inquiry, please
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How long does it take to build my website?

It differs from plan to plan. For the basic plan, the build time is 10 days, 15 days for the plus plan and 30 days for the full-service premium plan. Build time count applies when the client has curated all the content and has given the go-ahead on the build process.

I have an existing website, can you improve that?

Unfortunately not. Working on a website designed and developed by someone else is time-consuming and often not worth the time put in. However, we can migrate your existing website to our platform via our custom migration tool.

Do you sell/manage domain for the website?

No, we don't. Your domain is a part of your business's intellectual property, so we prefer not to have to do anything with it. However, we will manage the DNS and other services connected to the domain. We recommend or for purchasing a domain.

Can you help migrate our existing WordPress blog?

Yes, a piece of cake. We can surely migrate your existing WordPress blog into our CMS. Usually it is free of charge, however, some blogs may require some custom programming done to extract the data. So it is always good to check with us before-hands.

How does monthly payment plan work?

The key problem that a small or a medium business owner faces is cash flow management. Our unique website development as a subscription service bundles everything in once simple and affordable monthly cost which is then automatically charged at the beginning of every month.

How does free rebuild works and when will I qualify?

After 24 months, subscribers are eligible for a refresh of their current website equal to the value of the initial setup cost of their subscription. Subscribers can choose to either rebuild their website using pages from our most up to date demo site or use the credit to purchase support hours that can be used to refresh their current website.

Can you explain your money back guarantee?

If we fail to deliver your site in the timeframe as mentioned in your plan, owing to delays caused by our fault, your site will be free. We will waive you the monthly subscription. If you wish, you can continue to host with us for a small hosting fee only or take a static export of your site and assets worth more than $1500.

Can I cancel my plan anytime and walk away?

Yes, no questions asked. We value our customers and make sure that we give top-notch service for a fair price. However, we do understand that being in business means that things may change and you may need to move on. Therefore, we don't bind you in a contract. Our lifetime support guarantee still applies to you.
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